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Keywords Researched: 3,692

The total number of keywords that we have actively researched as a focus phrase relating to the market of a specified client website. We don't typically exhaust every possible phrase when conducting research, instead we hand pick relevant phrases and then use them as a benchmark for measuring performance.

Converting Keywords: 10,662

This is the number of organic keyword phrases that have brought new visitors to our client sites during the last year through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A single well ranking broad phrase can result in ranking for a large number of similar phrases.

PPC Clicks Generated: 582,010

This is the total number of clicks to client sites that we have generated through paid ads provided by services like Google Adwords. We prefer models that allow us to pay for clicks over models that charge for views, the difference being a campaign focused on sales, versus branding.

PPC Ad Spend: $818,371.99

The is the amount of ad spend that we have managed through services like Google Adwords and Amazon Seller Central. These two venues grant us position and reach for any geographic location in the world, and for almost any service and product.